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June 14, 2010

Atlas! Atlas!! Atlas!!!

June is here, and the birds across the state are actively nesting. There is no better time than NOW to get out there and get some great breeding evidence observations! Since our last email, more species are now within active safe dates – practically every species! June and July are the most important months for the Atlas, as most species can be confirmed with observations of fledglings, nest building, and feeding.


If you haven’t had a chance to read our latest newsletter, check it out! The Ohio Atlaser has all the latest atlas news, species accounts, and photos from our volunteers and staff. You can find the newest edition and past issues of the newsletter on our website archives.

Priority Blocks:

One of the biggest goals for 2010 is to finish priority blocks. For those of you who own a priority block, we need your help this year. For others who are interested in helping with priority block completion, contact your local Regional Coordinator. Contact information for RCs can be found on our website, HERE.

Non-Priority Blocks:

Though priority block completion is a big goal for 2010, we aren’t suggesting to ignore the rest of the blocks. If you own a block, try to finish it this year. This will allow us to identify gaps for our final year (2011). Finished with your block? Why not take another one? There are plenty of blocks across the state (with great birds!) that could use coverage from an experienced Atlas volunteer! Explore the data website, and find a block near you!

Volunteer Photos:

We have received new photos from some of our volunteers. We would love to see more photos and hear about all the great birds you are encountering. Visit our photo album HERE. If you have photos from your atlasing efforts that you would like to share, feel free to email them to us. Block info and any anecdotal information to go along with the photographs are welcome.

On behalf of OBBA2, we thank you for your valuable contributions to this project. Happy birding!


Paul Rodewald and Matthew Shumar
Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II


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