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July 6, 2010

Planning Summer Atlasing


As we get further into summer, planning your atlasing adventures can be more important to make the most of the time you have available. Checking species totals for blocks, as well as confirmation levels for species can help greatly. We’ve recently made several updates to documents on our website to help you with your planning. See the list below.

Website Updates

There are several documents on our site that summarize and display totals for Breeding Bird Atlas Blocks. These documents are updated periodically, by hand. The following items have been updated to include all data entered in the system as of yesterday:

Priority Block Tables:

Interactive Priority Block Map: Block Map.php

Regional Block Coverage Maps:

The regional block coverage maps can be a great way to quickly look for new areas to explore!


Feel like you’ve “atlased out” your blocks? Looking for new places to explore? We’ve got just the idea! Several areas in the southern portion of the state are in great need of birders. We would love to direct you to blocks in need of attention. This could be a good opportunity to visit different regions of the state and see some new species for the year. Contact us or a Regional Coordinator today if you are interested.

A Bonanza of Babies

Remember, even though birds are singing less, there is still much activity out there, and now is an important time to get out and atlas. Check your block lists to see what needs upgraded from “possible” or “probable” to “confirmed.” It’s currently a great time to get observations of parents feeding carrying food, and fledglings begging for a meal.

On behalf of OBBA2, we thank you for your valuable contributions to this project. Happy birding!


Paul Rodewald and Matthew Shumar
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