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July 15, 2011

Atlas Opportunities


We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer, and the great birds throughout Ohio. It seems to be flying by fast. Already a few species are done with the breeding season, and are beginning their “fall” migration. That said, there is still much that can be done to help the Atlas, and the next two weeks can be extremely productive and provide some great birding! More than 140 species of breeding birds have been reported in the last week alone. Here are some things you can do to help out the Atlas:


Though vultures are a common sight throughout Ohio, confirmations of breeding are not as easy to come by. If you’ve seen Turkey or Black Vultures hanging out near barns, or have ideas about where they may be nesting, please let us know, or enter any important observations you have seen. Let’s get these birds confirmed across the state!


Reports of Dickcissels have been many this year. Our staff have seen them daily as well. This seems to be a good year for the species, so keep an eye (and ear!) open in areas you haven’t encountered Dickcissels before. We might be able to add them to additional blocks before the season is over.


Though most owls begin breeding quite early in the year, July is a good time to confirm them across the state. Recently we have observed fledged Barred Owls begging (screaming!) for food. The young can be easily found, once you have familiarized yourself with their begging calls (like this one, posted by a youtube user). Additionally, Screech-Owls are active during the day, and respond well to playback.


Barred Owl fledgling


As this is the final year for the Atlas, the final few weeks will be an important time to make sure everything is covered well. Our staff, regional coordinators, and volunteers will be making last minute decisions about where to atlas, based on where there are remaining low-coverage blocks. We request that if you have any atlas data, please enter it as quickly as possible, so that we do not repeat your valuable efforts. Also, this is a good time to double check to make sure lists are in and all your observations are showing online. If you do not think you can enter your observations immediately and would like help entering your data, let us know, and we can enter it for you!

Thank you for all your help on OBBA II.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy birding!

Paul Rodewald, Matthew Shumar, & Kate Batdorf
Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II


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