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July 20, 2011

Confirmations Needed


As we get closer to the end of July, and also the end of the survey period for the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II, opportunities for confirming uncommon species are becoming fewer. Though there are only about 10 species that have not been confirmed in the state, there are more that have not been confirmed in priority blocks. Getting confirmations for these species will help as we make comparisons to the first Breeding Bird Atlas in Ohio. Below is a list of species that are still lacking direct breeding evidence in priority blocks. If you have information on any of these species, unentered data, or ideas about where to look, please let us know.

Species Needing Confirmations

The following species have not been confirmed in priority blocks during the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II.

Species Current Confirmation Level
Gadwall probable
American Wigeon probable
American Black Duck probable
Lesser Scaup probable
Northern Shoveler probable
Northern Pintail probable
Green-winged Teal probable
American Bittern probable
Sora probable
Upland Sandpiper probable
Wilson’s Snipe probable
Black Tern possible
Long-eared Owl possible
Northern Saw-whet Owl probable
Chuck-will’s-widow probable
Whip-poor-will possible
Loggerhead Shrike possible
Common Raven possible
Golden-winged Warbler possible
Brewster’s Warbler (hybrid) probable
Nashville Warbler possible
Black-throated Blue Warbler probable
Blackburnian Warbler probable
Northern Waterthrush probable
Swainson’s Warbler probable
Mourning Warbler probable
Clay-colored Sparrow probable
Lark Sparrow probable
White-throated Sparrow possible
Western Meadowlark probable
Yellow-headed Blackbird possible

Species designated in bold are not confirmed in ANY block in Ohio (priority or non-priority block). Any evidence or observations that would result in a confirmed code would be beneficial to the Atlas.

Clay-colored Sparrow


As mentioned in previous emails, birders involved in this historic project are making last minute decisions about where to atlas based on which blocks remain with low coverage. Please help everyone involved by entering your breeding bird observations as quickly as possible. At this point, data entry is as valuable as data collection.

Thank you for all your help on OBBA II.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy birding!

Paul Rodewald, Matthew Shumar, & Kate Batdorf
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