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July 29, 2011

Big Weekend


The last weekend in July is upon us. While productive and useful Atlasing efforts can continue into August and beyond, after this weekend many species go out of safe dates, making it harder to record them. With your help, we have made great strides this season, including getting data for all blocks, and confirming some uncommon species. That said, we are hoping that many of you can kick in some birding time Saturday and Sunday for this “Big Weekend.” Many species are easy to confirm right now, and blocks can still be found across the state that are missing some easily observed birds. Check the website to find a block near you.

If you look at the coverage map online, it’s full of purple!! The state-wide coverage is a great accomplishment, but can make last-minute atlasing decisions tricky. We’ve created a map with a more detailed breakdown of the species totals (see below). Hopefully this helps you to identify some blocks near you that could use a bit of help. (click the image to open a larger version in a web browser)

detailed coverage

A variety of birds are already out of safe dates, but remember that breeding evidence of any type (T1 and above) OVERRIDES SAFE DATES. Many birds out of safe dates are still breeding and we want to accurately capture this information where possible. Because breeding birds can be quieter this time of year, playbacks can be very useful for documenting many species.

Thank you for all your help on OBBA II.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy birding!

Paul Rodewald, Matthew Shumar, & Kate Batdorf
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