Other Breeding Bird Atlas Projects

NORAC North American Ornithological Atlas Committee

Includes a listing of all breeding bird atlas projects across the country.

PA BBA2 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas

Begun in 2004 and ended in 2008, the results of the atlas were published in 2011.

WV BBA2 2nd West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

The West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas is currently underway!

2nd Indiana Breeding Bird Atlas

Like Ohio’s, the Indiana BBA was completed in 2011 and results are currently in press.

BSBO Ohio Winter Bird Atlas: 2002-2007

BSBO’s winter Atlas is currently in press. Check the website often for updates!

MI BBA2 Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II

Data collection for Michigan’s BBA completed in 2008 and results are in press.

Ontario BBA 2nd Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas

Completed in 2005, Ontario’s BBA is now available for purchase!

BBA explorer North American Breeding Bird Atlas Explorer
hosted by USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

The current status of all North American Atlases is presented here.

Cornell Cornell Lab of Ornithology Information Science

We collaborated extensively with Cornell in order to complete our Atlas.

British Trust for Ornithology Atlasing Pages

Our neighbors across the pond are currently conducting their own BBA.