Atlasing Materials

The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II completed the final field season in 2011. ¬†Below is an archive of the materials we provided to volunteers to conduct block surveys and document species. The .pdf files provided below require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be obtained from Adobe’s web site for free. Click on the links below to view each file.


OBBA II Atlas Volunteer Handbook (w/Appendices A & B) [382 KB PDF] describes the general methodology that was used while atlasing for the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II.

Breeding Evidence Codes (Appendix C) [93 KB PDF]

Observation Field Card – version 1 (Appendix D) [81 KB PDF]. The above field card was printed double-sided on normal 8.5″ x 11″ letter-sized paper and folded in tri-fold fashion.

Observation Field Card – version 2 (Appendix D) [83 KB PDF]. The above field card was printed double-sided on 8.5″ x 14″ legal-sized paper and folded in double-parallel fashion.

Kentucky warbler
by Brian Zwiebel

Observation Field Cards were designed for recording every breeding bird observation during any given day in the field and were especially useful when recording multiple breeding observations for the same species (for example, species with conservation status codes 2 & 3).


Sedge Wren
by Aaron Boone


Official Species List (Appendix E) [121 KB PDF]

Field Checklist (Appendix F) [206 KB PDF]. Updated Dec 2009. The above field checklist was designed to keep track of the highest breeding evidence code recorded for each species in a block. For list of species changed, click HERE.

Rare Species Documentation Form (Appendix G) [150 KB PDF]. This documentation was filled out for all species of Conservation Status Category 3.

Private Landowner Permission Letter (Appendix H) [172 KB PDF]

Response Postcards (Appendix I) [223 KB PDF]. Postcards were printed, stamped and self-addressed as a courtesy to private landowners, and included with the Private Landowner Permission Letter.

Priority Blocks [218 KB PDF]. This is a list of priority blocks for the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II. These blocks were those surveyed during Ohio’s first breeding bird atlas.

Regional Rarities List [220 KB PDF]. This chart lists all species considered regionally rare and indicates which regions they are considered rare.

Vehicle Placard [983 KB PDF].