The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas (1982-1987)

Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas (1982-1987), book cover by Jim Glover

Through the direction of Bruce G. Peterjohn and Daniel L. Rice, approximately 500 volunteers collected field data for Ohio's first Breeding Bird Atlas between 1982 and 1987. This monumental task culminated in the publication of The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas and reported a total of 193 breeding species during the atlas period (182 species were confirmed as breeding). The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas treated each species separately with its own species account.

Below, you will find downloadable PDF files of each species account. Please note that you will need Adobe Reader to view these files (download a free copy of Adobe Reader 7.0). You will also find introductory material that explains the methodologies used during this first atlas effort. In addition, Appendix A covers probable non-breeding species that were recorded during the first Atlas.

Cliff Swallow by Brian L. Zwiebel
Cliff Swallow
by Brian L. Zwiebel

Atlas Contents

  • Atlas Introduction

  • Grebes, Cormorant, Herons

  • Waterfowl, Vultures, Raptors

  • Galliforms, Rails, Crane, Shorebirds

  • Gulls, Terns, Doves, Cuckoos

  • Owls, Nightjars, Swift, Hummingbird

  • Kingfisher, Woodpeckers

  • Flycatchers, Lark, Swallows

  • Corvids, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Creeper

  • Wrens, Gnatcatcher, Thrushes, Mimids

  • Waxwing, Shrike, Vireos

  • Wood-Warblers

  • Tanagers, Cardinals, Sparrows

  • Blackbirds, Orioles, Finches, House Sparrow

  • Appendix A

  • References Cited


We thank the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Division of Natural Areas and Preserves for providing data and materials from the first Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas.