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Welcoming backyard birdwatchers and researchers in the field alike, the Ohio Ornithological Society is the only statewide organization specifically devoted to fostering a deeper appreciation of wild birds, fellowship and collaboration in advancing our collective knowledge about them, and our ability to speak with one voice to preserve Ohio's bird habitats.

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Bylaws of the Ohio Ornithological Society

The complete text of our bylaws is available, by clicking here, as a PDF file. To view this document, you will need the Adobe Reader, available for free download at www.adobe.com.

The bylaws will open in a new web browser window.

Some highlights of the bylaws include:

  • The Ohio Ornithological Society was incorporated in 2004 as a 501 (c) (3) organization.
  • OOS retains a 13-member Board of Directors consisting of 5 officers and 8 directors that represent the birding interests of each corner of the state.
  • Annually, members will have opportunity to vote on key issues and board candidates at a birding conference/meeting.