About Us

Welcoming backyard birdwatchers and researchers in the field alike, the Ohio Ornithological Society is the only statewide organization specifically devoted to fostering a deeper appreciation of wild birds, fellowship and collaboration in advancing our collective knowledge about them, and our ability to speak with one voice to preserve Ohio's bird habitats.

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History of the Ohio Ornithological Society

The Society was newly incorporated in 2004 and though it is new, it is the confluence of several well-established entities. For example,

  1. The Society's flagship publication, The Ohio Cardinal, has been the authoritative record on the abundance and distribution of Ohio's bird populations for 25 years.
  2. The Ohio Bird Records Committee has been analyzing and reviewing rare bird reports in Ohio since 1991.
  3. The Ohio-Birds e-mail list has been Ohio's only statewide birding news list since 1999.
  4. Many of the founding directors and members have been an actively engaged in the Ohio bird scene for a decade or more.

Like most other state ornithological societies, the OOS has no paid staff and relies entirely on the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers with a motivating passion for birds. If you're interested in helping, visit our volunteer section