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Welcoming backyard birdwatchers and researchers in the field alike, the Ohio Ornithological Society is the only statewide organization specifically devoted to fostering a deeper appreciation of wild birds, fellowship and collaboration in advancing our collective knowledge about them, and our ability to speak with one voice to preserve Ohio's bird habitats.

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About the Ohio Ornithological Society

There is a rich tradition of ornithological societies around the world. Ohio itself has a venerable history of local organizations devoted at least in part to to birds: the Cincinnati Bird Club, the Kirtland Bird Club, Columbus' Wheaton Club, the Toledo Naturalists' Association, and others, including many active local Audubon chapters. But what Ohio lacked, until 2004, was a wider-reaching, statewide organization--one that would will bring local groups together, muster many important resources, provide a larger perspective, seek wide appeal amongst many constituencies, and represent the cause of bird protection for all. It was this general set of goals that was the genesis of The Ohio Ornithological Society, which was founded by a dedicated group of Ohio birders in the winter of 2004.

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What We Do

We encourage and support important research on birds. We provide educational resources to members, the public, and the news media, We unite various individuals and constituencies interested in birds, and provide means and reasons for them to cooperate. Our activities are not conducted independently, but in concert with local organizations whenever possible and when mutually beneficial.

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Officers and Directors

The Ohio Ornithological Society is operated by a 13-member Board of Directors which represents the birding interests in each part of the state, consisting of five officers plus eight additional directors. Board members are elected by the membership at the annual meeting. Here is a chart of the current Board of Directors.

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History of the Ohio Ornithological Society

The Society was newly incorporated in 2004 and though it is new, it is the confluence of several well-established entities. Many of the founding directors and members have been an actively engaged in the Ohio bird scene for a decade or more.

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Bylaws of the Ohio Ornithological Society

We have made the complete text of our bylaws available in a PDF file, which you can download and review on your web browser or computer. Some highlights of the bylaws include: The Ohio Ornithological Society was incorporated in 2004 as a 501 (c) (3) organization; the OOS retains a 13-member Board of Directors consisting of 5 officers and 8 directors that represent the birding interests of each corner of the state; annually, members will have opportunity to vote on key issues and board candidates at a birding conference/meeting.

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Why Join the OOS?

Your membership will connect you to collective birding information and resources from across the state, enhance your knowledge of wild birds and help protect our birds and conserve vital habitat. Unite with us and be a part of Ohio's Birding Network!

Membership Costs

  • Student / Limited Income - $15.00 *
  • Individual - $25.00 *
  • Non-profit/Family - $40.00 *
  • Printed publications on request:
  • Business - $100.00
  • Sustaining Member - $250.00
  • Benefactor - $500.00
* Note: To receive printed publications, please add an additional $20.00 to the membership fee as listed above. Otherwise, all members will receive electronic versions of the Cerulean and the Ohio Cardinal. Questions can be directed to Membership.

Members Receive:

  • The Ohio Cardinal: The state's official record of Ohio's birds, their abundance and distribution for over 25 years.
  • The Cerulean: Our quarterly newsletter that keeps you up to date on happenings and other activities from across the state.
  • Field Trips, Conferences & Symposia: You will be eligible for a reduced rate on all of our events that help you connect with others and learn.

Most importantly, by becoming a member of OOS, you are helping unite our birding community so that we can all share in the passion, enthusiasm and excitement of our incredible wild birds.

How Does My Membership Work?

Our membership and our publications are based on quarters. No matter when you first joined OOS, your renewal date hereafter will be the last day of the appropriate quarter.

  • 1st Quarter:Jan 1 to March 31
  • 2nd Quarter:April 1 to June 30
  • 3rd Quarter:July 1 to September 30
  • 4th Quarter:October 1 - December 31

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As an alternative, you may print this text-based form, fill it out, and send it to the address, with a check for first dues enclosed.