About Us

Welcoming backyard birdwatchers and researchers in the field alike, the Ohio Ornithological Society is the only statewide organization specifically devoted to fostering a deeper appreciation of wild birds, fellowship and collaboration in advancing our collective knowledge about them, and our ability to speak with one voice to preserve Ohio's bird habitats.

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What We Do

The Ohio Ornithological Society fosters and preserves the historical records of birds in Ohio through a quarterly state ornithological journal (The Ohio Cardinal) and a quarterly newsletter for members (The Cerulean), as well as via published treatments of the state's bird life ranging from field checklists to books. We validate important records of rare and unusual birds through the Ohio Bird Records Committee, and maintain and publish the official checklist to the birds of Ohio.

Our electronic resources include this informative and ever-changing website (www.ohiobirds.org) and one or more e-mail lists, including the Ohio-Birds listserv. We conduct regular field trips, tours, workshops, presentations, and an annual birding conference and membership meeting.

We encourage and support important research on birds. We provide educational resources to members, the public, and the news media, We unite various individuals and constituencies interested in birds, and provide means and reasons for them to cooperate. Our activities are not conducted independently, but in concert with local organizations whenever possible and when mutually beneficial.

The Ohio Ornithological Society sponsors:

  • The Ohio Cardinal, for decades this has been the state's ornithological journal of record
  • The Cerulean, a quarterly newsletter
  • Ohio-birds e-mail list
  • The Ohio Bird Records Committee
  • The Ohiobirds.org website filled with timely and locally relevant birding information
  • Field trips all across Ohio
  • Bird identification workshops and other birding-oriented events, including The Midwest Birding Symposium in 2009, 2011, and 2013
  • Annual birding conference/meetings
  • And much more.

What is the Ohio Birding Alliance?

The OOS created the Ohio Birding Alliance to achieve the common goal of uniting our community and promoting birding across the state. The OOS has strived to support birding groups and organizations across the state. We’re now expanding our support by promoting your birding organization’s programs and activities, and sharing your group’s achievements on our newly enhanced website, in our quarterly newsletter (e-News), in promotional materials, and via social media. Our website will soon feature an on-line calendar to provide the Ohio birding community with information about all of Ohio’s bird walks, talks, and events.


One of the best aspects of the Ohio Birding Alliance is that no money is involved! We are all non-profit, 100% volunteer-based organizations, and we are driven by passion and excitement for birds. All we ask is a mutual partnership, in which your organization supports the OOS in our activities, events, and outreach efforts, and, when appropriate, lists our organization on your website, Facebook page, or other print or social media.

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