The Ohio Bird Records Committee

The nine-member Ohio Bird Records Committee exists to increase knowledge of Ohio’s bird life by validating records, maintaining public archives of rare occurrences of birds in the state, and establishing the official list of Ohio bird species.

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Rare Bird Documentation Submission Form

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Specify your distance from bird, the type of optics you used, the weather, and lighting.

Species Description

Describe the species of bird you observed.If possible, please submit photos to Paul Gardner, Secretary of the Ohio Bird Records Committee.

Please be as thorough as possible

Overall size, shape, details of head, feet and tail

Any markings, coloration, molt?

Any vocalizations noted, call or chip notes?

Describe the general landscape features and the specific niche that this bird occupied

List other species you considered during the identification process. Why were they eliminated for consideration?

Reporting a Rare Bird Sighting

Part of the excitement of birding comes when we find something unusual, something rare or unexpected that we can relish and share with others. But telling others about your finding, in person or on the internet, is fleeting. Even more important, for the ornithological record, is documenting your record in a permanent way. Reports of rarities, when they can be authenticated and published, help to fill out the total picture of our local avifauna. As records, they can help us all to recognize habitats, regions, or seasons in which scarce species are most likely to be found.

Why Submit Documentation?

Any scientific report of an unusual phenomenon must be supported by documentation: that is, verifiable evidence reported and vouched for by a first-hand observer, submitted for peer review before acceptance and publication. In general, the rarer and more interesting the occurrence, the more important it is to document and verify it for the record.