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Lake Erie Wind Turbines

The Ohio Ornithological Society joins Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Greater Mohican Audubon Society in educating the public and proposing regulations about the building of wind turbines in crucial migratory bird stopover habitat along the shores of the Lake Erie Marsh Region. We all support green energy, including wind turbines, but want to raise awareness of the location of turbines that pose a threat to migratory birds. The Issue: Wind turbines are creeping their way into the Lake Erie Marsh Region from the east and west. They are being proposed for schools, small businesses, and private residences. These are not the massive, commercial turbines, but “smaller” units, seemingly innocuous by comparison. But there are some facts that everyone should know. These so called “midsized” turbines can exceed 300 feet and there are currently no regulations to control where they are installed in relation to bird and wildlife sensitive areas.

Visit the Black Swamp Bird Observatory website to learn about this issue and how YOU can help us protect the migratory birds of the Lake Erie Marsh Region.