Ohio's geographic orientation brings us lots of birds—both numbers and species. The OOS strives to advocate their protection and ensure their survival. Please consider contributing to our conservation efforts! Submit a donation with PayPal.

Bird Conservation: In This Section

Birds & Bird Conservation in Ohio

Ohio is blessed with a geographic orientation that brings us lots of birds--both numbers and species. But perhaps more important than high species lists are the large numbers of certain birds that Ohio plays an integral role in supporting, either as part of their migratory corridor or by providing breeding habitat. And since our state has strong influences from all directions--prairies from the west, unglaciated Appalachian plateaus on the south and east, and of course our great inland sea to the north, Lake Erie--we are critical to a broad suite of species.

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Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative

OBCI is a coalition of member organizations that support bird conservation, bird recreation, and education and outreach. From Ohio non-profit groups to metroparks to federal and state agencies, over 90 member organizations have endorsed its goals and mission.

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An American Naturalist in Iraq;

Major Randal Rogers, of the Ohio National Guard, was stationed in Iraq with his unit, the 371st Sustainment Brigade until 2012. He has been a member of OOS since its inception, and he has taken his birding enthusiasm with him to Iraq. He helped fellow soldiers with an interest in birds, and more importantly, he has been working to conserve Iraq's birdlife. To those ends, he has been publishing a newsletter about the natural history of Iraq, Al-Asad au Natural.

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OOS Board Rejects Industrial Activities in Ohio State Parks

The OOS Board rejects industrial activities, such as fracking and logging, in Ohio State Parks. Attached are two open letters from the Board that address these activities in Ohio State Parks.

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