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Looking for a birding hotspot in Ohio? Wondering what birds to expect this month? Interested in winter bird counts? You've come to the right place! Check out our birding library for these resources and more.

Library overview

Weekly Checklists

From this page, you can create a printable checklist of the birds that you are likely to see either statewide or in a given area, on any selected day. For each species, the checklist will show the expected frequency of occurrence for five weeks - each of the two weeks prior to the selected day, the week of that day, and each of the two weeks following the selected day.

To view this document, you will need the Adobe Reader, available for free download on Adobe's website.

The checklist will open in a new window. We suggest printing it one side at a time, back to back on the same sheet of paper.

Checklist Date:

Checklist Area:


For more details on the available areas, how the checklists were derived, and what the codes on each checklist mean, see:

We hope to add additional regional checklists to this feature.