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Looking for a birding hotspot in Ohio? Wondering what birds to expect this month? Interested in winter bird counts? You've come to the right place! Check out our birding library for these resources and more.

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About the Ohio Birding Site Guide

Welcome to the Site Guide section of the Ohio Ornithological Society Website! We think that you will find these site guides helpful as you explore the wide variety of bird habitats that can be found throughout the state, from the shores of Lake Erie to the Ohio River. All of our well-known birding areas will eventually be included here as well as many local and less familiar "hotspots". The information in these site guides has been provided by experienced Ohio birders who are familiar with these areas and have kept records of their sightings throughout the year. We sincerely thank these individuals for their contributions and are hopeful that this compilation will make your Ohio birding experiences more successful and enjoyable.

You can find sites to explore using any of these methods: