Our Publications

A quarter of a century ago, The Ohio Cardinal was born of a need to bring Ohio's birding community together, to share all available information about our bird life, to sharpen our enjoyment of, and expertise in, the observation and study of those birds, and to act as a permanent record of bird occurrences in the state. Today these remain the goals of our publication.

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Ohio Ornithological Society: About Our Publications

Publications of the Ohio Ornithological Society take, or will take, many forms, both printed and web-based, and each is described in detail elsewhere on this web site. All publications, from books to short postings on the mailing list, are made possible by volunteers, and all but some internet postings come from OOS members on its behalf for the benefit of Ohio’s birds. Briefly put, they include:

The Ohio Cardinal

For over 35 years, a state ornithological journal, The Ohio Cardinal, continues to enter occurrences of birds into the formal record, publish articles of lasting interest, record significant field observations, publicize important decisions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee, and otherwise serve as the journal of record for ornithology for the state. All OOS members receive the Cardinal, and others are welcome to subscribe.

The Cerulean

A quarterly membership newsletter, The Cerulean is the quarterly newsletter of the Ohio Ornithological Society. It offers timely information regarding upcoming field trips and meetings, recent bird sightings and current hot spots, trip reports, as well as other pertinent information about birds and birding in Ohio. A subscription to The Cerulean is included among the benefits of membership in the OOS.

Ohio-birds Email List

Ohio-birds, a mailing list for the state’s birders, is maintained by the Ohio Ornithological Society; the listowner can be reached at listowner@ohiobirds.org. Learn more about signing up to the listserv. Those who want to read posts to the list need not subscribe to do so; posters, on the other hand, must subscribe. The most recent postings to Ohio-birds can be found in the Birding News section of the American Birding Association site, under “Ohio” at birding.aba.org/maillist/OH . A complete archive of messages posted during our time at Miami University can be found at listserv.miamioh.edu/archives/ohio-birds.html.