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A quarter of a century ago, The Ohio Cardinal was born of a need to bring Ohio's birding community together, to share all available information about our bird life, to sharpen our enjoyment of, and expertise in, the observation and study of those birds, and to act as a permanent record of bird occurrences in the state. Today these remain the goals of our publication.

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The Ohio Cardinal: Index of Past Issues

The dates supplied in the following entries indicate the seasons covered in each issue, rather than the date of publication. In addition to articles and features indexed below, each issue contains a seasonal summary and a comprehensive report of bird sightings compiled by the editor. Other features not indexed below are regular columns, reports from records committees, letters to the editor, drawings and photographs, and announcements. Reprints of back issues are available for a modest cost from the Publisher: Edwin C. Pierce, 2338 Harrington Rd, Akron, OH 44319.

Vol 1, #1:
Spring 1978

Tom Kemp, "Pine Siskins Nesting in Toledo"
Jim Fry, "Documentation of Extraordinary Sight Records"

Vol 1, #2:
Summer 1978

Ray Hannikman, "Occurrence of Black-headed Gull at Cleveland, Ohio"
Laurel Van Camp, "Screech Owl Nesting Decline from 1976 Thru 1978"
Jean Hoffman, "Phalaropes in Winter"

Vol 1, #3:
Autumn 1978

Milt Trautman, "Characteristics of Two Species of Chickadees"

Vol 1, #4:
Winter 1978-79

John Pogacnik, short note, "January Sighting of Sanderling"

Vol 2, #1:
Spring 1979

no articles

Vol 2, #2:
Summer 1979

Jean Hoffman, "Guide to the Cleveland Lakefront"

Vol 2, #3:
Autumn 1979

Larry Rosche, "The First Spotted Redshank Record for Ohio"
Bruce Peterjohn, "A California Gull Sight Record for Ohio"
Jerry Cairo & ed., "Bewick's Wren Visits Lancaster Factory"

Vol 2, #4:
Winter 1979-80

no articles

Vol 3, #1:
Spring 1980

Bruce Peterjohn, "Identification Aid: Short-billed vs. Long-billed Dowitchers"
Laurel Van Camp, "The Bald Eagle: Its Nesting Success In Ohio, 1975 through 1980"
John Pogacnik, "Documentation: First State Record, Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula"
Vic Fazio, "Documentation: Third State Record: Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera"
Larry Rosche & Tom Bartlett, "Summer Trips: Southern Ohio"
Ed Pierce, "Summer Trips: Irwin Prairie"

Vol 3, #2:
Summer 1980

Mark Shieldcastle, "Documentation: First State Nesting Record, Wilson's Phalarope, Steganopus tricolor"
Bruce Peterjohn & Don Tumblin, "Documentation: First State Photographic Record, Arctic Tern, Sterna paradisaea"
Dick & Jean Hoffman, "Documentation: Second State Nesting Record, Bell's Vireo," plus notes from the editor and from Tom Kemp
Bruce Peterjohn, "Identification Aid: Mourning vs. Connecticut Warblers"
Summer Census: Carol Tveekrem, "Summit County"
Summer Census: Matt Anderson, "Lucas County"
Summer Census: Jerry Cairo, "Hocking & Fairfield Counties"
Summer Census: Tom Bartlett, "Seneca County"
The Big Day: Tom Kemp, Matt Anderson, Eric Durbin, Pete Montion (May 12, 1980: 166 Species)
The Big Day: Jerry Cairo, Chuck Hocevar (May 16, 1980: 153 Species)
The Big Day: Tom Bartlett, Bruce Peterjohn, Don Tumblin, Ed Pierce (May 17, 1980: 155 Species)
Ed Pierce, "The Fall Trip: Portage County, Lake Rockwell"
Milton B. Trautman & James E. Fry, "Possible Blue-winged X Cinnamon Teal Hybrid in Ohio in 1974"

Vol 3, #3:
Autumn 1980

Louis W. Campbell, "Documentation: First State Photographic Record, Common Puffin (Fratercula artica artica)"
Bruce Peterjohn, "Documentation: Third State Record, Groove-billed Ani (Crotophaga sulcirostris)"
Ray Hannikman, "Identification Aid: Thayer's Gull"
Bruce Peterjohn, "Identification Aid: Loggerhead vs. Northern Shrikes"
Marjory Thomas, "Documentation: Glossy Ibis"
David Styer, Tom LePage, Bruce Peterjohn, "Documentation: Least Tern"
Charlotte Mathena, Ray Hannikman, Bruce Stehling, Hermann Kind, Vic Fazio, Jim Fry, Matt Anderson, Jerry Cairo, John Herman, "Highs and Lows of 1980"

Vol 3, #4:
Winter 1980-81

John Pogacnik, "White-winged Crossbills at Lorain Feeder"
Louis W. Campbell, "What's in a Name?"
Edward S. Thomas, "Rare Woodpecker at OSU Museum"
Tom Kemp: "Food for Thought: Thayer's Gull Identification-A Hoax?"
Ed Pierce, "Status of Ohio Bobwhite"
Ed Pierce, "Crane Creek Bird Trail"
John Herman, "Ohio Records of the Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus"
Ed Pierce, "A Summary of 1980 Christmas Bird Counts"
Worth S. Randle, "First Sightings of Bell's Vireo and Cinnamon Teal in Cincinnati"
Documentations: W. Klamm, Varied Thrush; J. Pogacnik, Gyrfalcon; T. Kemp, Gannet; A. Thompson, Harris' Sparrow; J. Fry, Hybrid duck; J. Bruce, Hoary Redpoll; V. Fazio, Nashville Warbler

Vol 4, #1:
Spring 1981

Robert Finch, "Long-eared Owls"
Ed Pierce, "Ohio Records Committee"
Mark Shieldcastle, "A View of the 1981 Spring Migration, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area"
Sandra L. Zenser, "Burrowing Owl: Ohio's Second Record"
Ed Pierce, "The Big Day, 1981"
Marie Morgan, "Lawrence's Warbler Banded"

Vol 4, #2:
Summer 1981

Ed Pierce, "West Sister Island: Home of the Herons"

Vol 5, #2:
Summer 1982

Laurel Van Camp, "The Bald Eagle: Its Nesting Success In Ohio in 1981 & 1982"
John J. Stophlet, "Broad-winged Hawks Nesting in Northwestern Ohio"
Charles W. Hocevar, "Black-necked Stilt: Documentation - Fourth State Record (First Occurrence in Forty Years)"
John E. Staab, "Hooded Mergansers Nesting in Wayne County"
David Kline, "The Cliff Swallows"
Reed F. Noss & Steven M. McKee, "Breeding Birds of Mohican, 1981"
Summer Census: Carol Tveekrem, "Summit County"
Summer Census: Jerry Cairo, "Clear Creek Valley"
Summer Census: Larry Rosche, "Trumbull County"
Towsend Peterson, "An Unusually Late Horned Lark Nest"
Ed Pierce, "Breeding Bird Atlas Begun"
Chuck Hocevar, "Ohio Big Year"
Ed Pierce, "New Names"

Vol 7, #4:
Winter 1984-85

Larry Rosche, "An Unforgettable Saturday"
Tom Kemp, "Documentation: First State Record, Mississippi Kite."
Ed Pierce, "Barrow's Goldeneye"
Thomas Kemp, "Breeding Birds of the Maumee State Forest"

Vol 8, #1:
Spring 1985

Rick Counts, "Documentation: Swainson's Warbler"
Larry O. Rosche, "Shorebird Survey in Portage, Summit, and Medina Counties, Spring 1985"
Tom Bartlett, "Block Busters"
Kirk Alexander et al., "The Big Day, 1985"

Vol 8, #2:
Summer 1985

Brian Walsh, "Birding the CVNRA"
Larry Rosche, "Scoters and their Occurrence in Ohio"
Ed Pierce, "West Sister Island: Home of the Herons Revisited"

Vol 10, #1:
Spring 1987

Ed Pierce, "Documentation: First State Record: Brambling Fringilla montifringilla"
Rick Counts, "Ohio's First Rufous Hummingbird"
Kent Glauser, "Kirtland's Warbler Fuss"
Ed Pierce, "Crane Creek Kirtland's Warbler"

Vol 10, #2:
Summer 1987

Ed Pierce, "Ohio Cardinal Records Committee"
Matt Anderson, "Peregrine Falcon in Downtown Toledo"
Ed Pierce, "First Cormorant Nests in 100 Years"
Ed Pierce, "Breeding Bird Atlas Finished"
Rob Harlan, "How I Spent my Summer Vacation (Swainson's Warbler)"
Larry Rosche, "How I Spent my Summer Vacation (Censusing birds in east-central Ohio)"
Ed Pierce, "Holiday Beach Migration Observatory"
Tom Kemp, "First Pine Warbler Nest for Northwest Ohio"

Vol 11, #1:
Fall 1987

Ed Pierce & Larry Rosche, "Rufous Hummingbird Strikes Again!"
Thomas LePage, "Gordon Park Shorebirds"
Tom Kemp, "Shorebirds of the Maumee River Rapids"
Larry Rosche, "Site Guide: Lake Erie Shoreline"
Mark Shieldcastle, "What's in a Name and Let's Put Credit Where Credit is Due: Magee Marsh Bird Trail"

Vol 11, #2:
Winter 1987-88

Ed Pierce, "Ohio's First Northern Wheatear"
Nelson J. Moore, "Winter Feeder Census for Allen, Auglaize, Hardin, Hancock and Wood Counties"
Larry Rosche, "Winter Waterbird Survey"
Elliot J. Tramer, "Why We Couldn't Accept Your Rare Species Report"
Matt Anderson, "The Latest on the Toledo Peregrines"
Pete Montion & Tom Kemp, "1978-88 Christmas Bird Counts"

Vol 11, #3:
Spring 1988

Rob Harlan, "The Birds of Ohio-150 Years Later"
Ed Pierce, "Book Reviews: National Geographic Society Field Guide, second edition; Grant's Gulls: A Guide to Identification; Peterjohn et al.'s Abundance and Distribution of the Birds of Ohio"
Tom Bartlett, "How to See a Blue Grosbeak in Ohio"

Vol 11, #4:
Summer 1988

Matt Anderson, "Ohio's First Record of Breeding Peregrine Falcons"
Andy Fondrk, "Ohio's Second Black-Throated Sparrow"
Matt Anderson & Tom Kemp, "Occurrence of an Old World Race of Whimbrel on the Maumee River"
Clayton Hofstetter & Kirk Alexander, "Recent Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Records from Ohio"
Tom Kemp, Harold Mayfield, & Eric Durbin, "The First Blue Grosbeak Nest for Northern Ohio"
Laurel Van Camp, "1988 Screech-Owl Breeding Season"

Vol 12, #1:
Fall 1988

Robert Harlan, "Bachman's Sparrow in Ohio"
Reprint from the Nongame Quarterly, "Sandhill Cranes Nest in Wayne County"
Ed Pierce, "Book Reviews: Clark, A Field Guide to Hawks"; Dunne et al., "Hawks in Flight"

Vol 12, #2:
Winter 1988-89

Ed Pierce, "First Overwintering Sabine's Gull in Interior North America"
Tom Kemp, "How to Pronounce Sabine's Gull and Pomarine Jaeger"
Erdine Thompson, "An Unusual Visitor at Lorain's 'Hot Waters'"
Worth Randle, "A Guide to Summer Birding in Hocking Hills State Parks"
Tom Kemp & Pete Montion, "1988-89 Christmas Bird Counts"

Vol 12, #3:
Spring 1989

H.G. Lumsden, "The Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program in Ontario, Winter 1988-89"
Judy A. Howard, "Spring Stilt Surprise"
Vic Fazio, "Some Variability in the Extent of Bill Color in Female Common Goldeneye, Bucephala Clangula: A Cautionary Note"
Carole Jonson-Babyak, "Trumbull County Tamarack Swamp"

Vol 12, #4:
Summer 1989

Rob Harlan, "The Cleveland Area Breeding Bird Survey"
Carol Tveekrem, "Greater Akron Audubon Society Summer Bird Count"
Jay Stenger, "Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area"
Vic Fazio, "A Presumed Herring x Great Black-backed Gull Hybrid"
Tom Kemp, "Thoughts on Potential New State Records"

Vol 13, #1:
Fall 1989

Charlotte Mathena, "First Sight Record of Say's Phoebe for Ohio"
Larry Rosche, "Ohio's Second Ross' Goose"
Tom Kemp, short notes, "A Movement of Swainson's Thrushes"
Dave Styer, "Birding the Oxbow Area"
Vic Fazio, "The 1980s: Ohio's Decade of Rare Bird Species"
Tom Kemp, "Birds of Ohio: A Review"

Vol 13, #2:
Winter 1989-90

Ed Schlabach, "Ohio's First Mountain Bluebird"
Dave Minney, "Ross' Goose Winters in Southern Ohio"
Pete Montion, Ed Pierce, & Tom Kemp, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts"

Vol 13, #3:
Spring 1990

David Kline, "Ohio's First Violet-Green Swallow"
Susan Springnether, "Ohio's First Brown Pelican"
Mike Laconis, short notes, "A colony of Yellow-headed Blackbirds"
Cheryl Pierce, short notes, "An Early Nighthawk Record"
Tom Kemp, "Birding the Oak Openings"

Vol 13, #4:
Summer 1990

James Ramsey, "Ohio's Second White Ibis"
Tom Kemp, "First Evidence of Golden-crowned Kinglets Breeding In Ohio"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, short note, "Oak Openings Bird Survey"
Carole Jonson-Babyak & Thomas L. Passons, "Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area"
Rob Harlan, "The Cleveland Area Breeding Bird Survey"
Dwight Chasar, "A Brief History of the CVNRA Heronry"

Vol 14, #1:
Fall 1990

Henri C. Seibert, "A Brief History of Bewick's Wren in Ohio with Special Reference to Athens County"
William A. Klamm, "First Record of Black Guillemot for Ohio"
Rob Harlan, "November Excitement"

Vol 14, #2:
Winter 1990-91

Kim Stahler, Dan Frevert, Nelson Moore, & Bret Stahler, "Northern Saw-whet Owls and other Raptors Wintering at Killdeer Plains"
Daniel Frevert and Nelson Moore, "Bald Eagles Nesting at Killdeer Plains"
Len A. Kopka, "Wintering Bullock's Oriole-in Ohio?"

Vol 14, #3:
Spring 1991

Rob Harlan, "The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas-An Overview"
Larry Richardson, "North Coast Barn Owls"
Ed Schlabach, "Second Confirmed Record of Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni) for Ohio"
Ed Pierce, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts 1990/1991"

Vol 14, #4:
Summer 1991

Tom Kemp, "The First Golden-crowned Kinglet Nest for Ohio"
Mary Reinthal, "Second Nesting Record of Golden-Crowned Kinglet in Ohio"
Robert Harlan, "The Cleveland Area Breeding Bird Survey-1991"
Matt Anderson & Tom Kemp, "The Oak Openings: A Breeding Bird Census by Bicycle"
John Szanto, short note, "Sharp-tailed Sandpiper"
Gerald J. Klug, short note, "Common Black-headed Gull"
Patricia R. Mallon, short note, "My Highrise Visitor"
Michael R. Bolton, short note, "Long-tailed Jaeger"

Vol 15, #1:
Autumn 1991

Victor Fazio, "First Specimen Record of Rufous Hummingbird, Selasphorus rufus for Ohio: An Early Fall Appearance of a Green-backed Variant"
Raymond L. Hannikman, "Long-tailed Jaeger from Headlands Beach State Park, with a Discussion of other Ohio Occurrences"
Leroy E. Yoder, short note, "Palm Warbler"
Robert D. Schlabach, short note, "Yellow Rail"

Vol 15, #2:
Winter 1991-92

Robert Harlan, "Ohio's Winter Warblers"
Ed Pierce, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts 1991-1992"

Vol 15, #3:
Spring 1992

Robert Harlan, "A Black-throated Gray Warbler in the Cleveland Area"
John P. Herman, "The Rare Birds of Richland County, Ohio"
Tom Kemp, "Big Day Fever-Catch It!"
Ben J. Miller, short note, "Lark Bunting"
Robert D. Schlabach, short note, "The Maumee Bay Hawk Flight of April 20, 1992"
John Pogacnik, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore Metropark, Spring 1992"

Vol 15, #4:
Summer 1992

Christopher Ashley, "West Sister Experience"
Dave & Judy Hochadel, "Golden-crowned Kinglets Nesting in Columbiana County"
Robert Harlan, "The Cleveland Area Breeding Bird Survey,1992"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, "The Oak Openings Breeding Bird Survey, 1992"

Vol 16, #1:
Autumn 1992

Robert Harlan, "Great Gray Owl in Ohio"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, "An Overview of the 1992 Hawk Flight in Northwest Ohio"
Bernard Master & Louis A. Schultz, short note, "Raptor Confrontation at Killdeer Plains WA"
Dave & Judy Hochadel, short note, "Trumbull County Red-shouldered Hawk Migration"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore Metropark, Autumn 1992"

Vol 16, #2:
Winter 1992-93

Wendy Akin, "Green-tailed Towhee in Lorain County"
David A. Brinkman, "A Black-throated Gray Warbler in Georgetown, Ohio"
Emily Pasquale, "A Black-throated Gray Warbler Diary"
Ned Keller, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts, 1992-1993"

Vol 16, #3:
Spring 1993

Ray Hannikman, "Snowy Plover at Headlands Beach State Park: A First Ohio Record"
Jon L. Dunn, "Comments on the 1992-93 Holmes County Wintering Warblers"
Lou Campbell, "Bird Trails Near the Shores of Lake Erie in the Toledo Area"
Henri C. Seibert, "The Abundance of Red-eyed Vireo in Southeastern Ohio Forests"

Vol 16, #4:
Summer 1993

Norman J. Kotesovec Jr., "Blackburnian Warbler and Other Rare Nesters at Hinckley MP"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, "Oak Openings Breeding Bird Census"
Larry Rosche, "Ravenna Arsenal" (nesting season study)
Carol Tveekrem, "Summit County" (nesting season study)
Robert Harlan, short note, "A White Ibis at Rocky River MP"
Perry A. Yoder, short note, "Holmes County Cliff Swallow Report"
Tom Bartlett, "Saga of the Trumpeter Swans"
John Pogacnik, short note, "When Does Spring Migration End?"

Vol 17, #1:
Autumn 1993

Ed Pierce, "Ottawa's Greatest Day"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, "The 1993 Fall Hawk Flight in Northwest Ohio"
Michelle T. Grigore, "1993 Lark Sparrow Observations in the Oak Openings Area"
Jay Stenger, "Book Review: Birds of the Oxbow"
Louis A. Schultz, short note, "Cranes at Last!"

Vol 17, #2:
Winter 1993-94

Laverne & Albert Turner, "Black-throated Gray Warbler in Independence, Ohio"
Ned Keller, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts, 1993-1994"
Adam Goloda, short note, "Three Great Black-backed Gulls on the Scioto River"
Rob Harlan, short note, "Gull-watching—Hawk-watch Style"
Hank Hiris, short note, "Our Exotic Visitor"

Vol 17, #3:
Spring 1994

Robert Harlan, "The Red-necked Grebe Invasion of 1994"
Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr, "A Brief Study of the Nest Life of Black-throated Green Warblers at Hinckley MP"
Robert Harlan, "Ohio's Earliest Spring Warbler Arrival Dates"
Dwight & Ann Chasar, short note, "An Exciting Day at Magee Marsh"
Perry A Yoder, short note, "A Big Day in Holmes County"
Larry Gara, short note, "A New Bird for Magee Marsh"
J. Kirk Alexander, short note, "Central Ohio Doings"
Mark Shieldcastle, short note, "1994 Spring Passerine Migration at Navarre Marsh"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, Spring 1994"
Eric Durbin, short note, "Documentation and Meditation: Yellow Rail at Irwin Prairie SNP, Lucas County, April 25, 1994"

Vol 17, #4:
Summer 1994

Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr., "Nesting Magnolia Warblers at Hinckley MP"
Dwight W. Chasar, "The First Confirmed Northern Parula Nest in Cuyahoga County"
Ed Pierce, "A Fulvous Whistling-Duck at Magee Marsh"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, "Oak Openings Breeding Bird Census"
Carol Tveekrem, "Greater Akron (Summit Co.) Summer Bird Count"
Tom Bartlett, "NASA Lewis Research Center-Plumbrook Station" (nesting season study)
Betty Hardesty, short note, "Ring-billed and Herring Gulls Attempt to Nest at Findlay"
Robert D. Schlabach, short note, "Barn Owls Galore"
David & Judy Hochadel, short note, "A Shortage of House Wrens at Mosquito Lk SP"

Vol 18, #1:
Autumn 1994

David C. Dister, "Ohio's Fourth Inland Record of Purple Sandpiper, with Thoughts on the Species' Distribution in Ohio"
Adam Goloda, "Birding the Greenlawn Dam Area"
Nathaniel J. Stricker, "1994 Common Tern Nesting Project at Ottawa NWR"
Wilma Seiler, short note, "Exciting Migrant Warblers in Hancock County"
Steven A. Edinger & Vicky D. German, short note, "Capture of an Anuran by an Eastern Screech-Owl"
Mark Shieldcastle, short note, "1994 Autumn Passerine Migration at Navarre Marsh"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, short note, "1994 Oak Openings Fall Hawk Watch"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, Autumn 1994"

Vol 18, #2:
Winter 1994-95

Bill Whan, "A Northern Lapwing in Adams Co., Ohio"
Robert Harlan et al., "Book Review: Tom Thomson's Birding in Ohio, Second Edition"
Ned Keller, "Ohio Christmas Bird Counts"
Barbara A. Lund, short note, "Another Look at the Lapwing"
Larry Gara, short note, "A Winter Pine Warbler in Wilmington"

Vol 18, #3:
Spring 1995

Paul H. Motts, "Cyclist Finds a Kirtland's Warbler at Magee Marsh"
Robert Harlan, "A Brief History of Kirtland's Warbler in Ohio"
Barbara A. Lund & Betty Weltlauf, "Bewick's Wrens Nest in Brown County"
Victor W. Fazio, III, "A Critique of Tom Thomson's Checklist of Ohio Birds"
John Herman, short note, "A Black-necked Stilt at Killdeer Plains WA"
Adam Goloda, short note, "Rare Sparrows at Greenlawn Dam"
Leroy E. Yoder, short note, "Exciting Days in Holmes and Tuscarawas Counties"
Ed Stokes, short note, "Laughing Gull at Headlands Beach SP"
Ginny Hiett, short note, "Resourceful Ring-billed Gulls"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, Spring 1995"

Vol 18, #4:
Summer 1995

Tom LePage, "A Royal Tern at Lorain—A New Species for Ohio"
Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr., "Further Observations of Summering Black-throated Green Warblers at Hinckley MP"
Dan Best & Andrew Fondrk, "Feathered Flames on the Cuyahoga River"
Dwight Chasar, "Northern Parula Nest Building in Cuyahoga County"
Ronald A. Canterbury, Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr., & Barbara Catuzza, "A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Brown-headed Cowbird Parasitism on the Reproductive Success of Blue-winged Warblers in NE Ohio"
Eric Durbin, short note, "Morbid Curiosity in Shorebirds"
Carole Babyak, short note, "Counting the Great Blues"
Carol Tveekrem, short note, "Greater Akron Summer Bird Count"
Marcus C. England, short note, "Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Highbanks MP"

Vol 19, #1:
Autumn 1995

E. Bruce McLean, "Smooth-billed Ani, A New Ohio Bird"
Micki Dunakin, "A Kirtland's Warbler in Paulding County"
Greg E. Eddy, "Birding in Egypt Valley"
Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr., "Magnolia Warbler Distracts Advancing Chipmunk from her Fledgling"
Paula Lozano, short note, "Cleveland Gull Nestings"
Carole Babyak, short note, "A Sparrow Encounter"
Tom Kemp & Matt Anderson, short note, "Oak Openings Hawk Watch"
Craig Holt, short note, "Fall Shorebird Census"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, Autumn 1995"
Adam Goloda, short note, "Greenlawn Dam Checklist"

Vol 19, #2:
Winter 1995-96

Micki Dunakin, "The Winter of Paulding County's Gyrfalcon"
Doug & Micki Dunakin, "Paulding County Birding Sites"
Robert Harlan, "A Varied Thrush in Parma Hts"
Ray Hannikman, short note, "A Gyrfalcon at Headlands Beach"
Jon Dunn, short note, "Brewer's Blackbirds in Sandusky County"
Frank Renfrow, short note, "The Story of a Sleepy Surf Scoter"

Vol 19, #3:
Spring 1996

H. Thomas Bartlett, "A Spotted Towhee in Seneca County"
Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr., "Breeding Red-breasted Nuthatches at Hinckley MP"
Kirk Alexander, short note, "Some Thoughts on Spring Migration"
David & Judy Hochadel, short note, "Another Perspective"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, Spring 1996"
Dave Hochadel, "Birding Northern Trumbull County"

Vol 19, #4:
Summer 1996

John Watts & Mac Albin, "First Documented Ohio Nesting Attempt of the Clay-colored Sparrow"
Jim McCormac, "The Effects of Stripmining on Ohio's Breeding Birds"
Norman J. Kotesovec, Jr. & Sean Zadar, "Nesting Nashville Warblers in Summit County, Ohio"
Ned Keller & Paul Wharton, "Birding the Miami-Whitewater Wetlands"
Matt Anderson & Darlene Friedman, short note "A Western Tanager at Magee Marsh"
Tom Kemp, short note, "A June Big Day"
Kevin Metcalf, "Notes on a Brown Creeper Nest in North Chagrin MP"

Vol 20, #1:
Autumn 1996

Victor W. Fazio III and Dan Webb, "A Long-billed Murrelet (Brachyramphus perdix) in Ohio"
Bill Whan, "Very Like a Whale: A Lesson"
Robert D. Schlabach, "Birding the Home Front-the Holmes Area"
Andy Fondrk, "1996 Prothonotary Warbler Study"
Mary Anne Romito, "CVNRA/Ira Road Nesting Study"
Jon L. Dunn, short note, "Pomarine Jaegers at Huron"
John Pogacnik, short note, "Bird Banding at Lakeshore MP, 1996"
Jon L. Dunn, short note, "More Notes on the Long-billed Murrelet"

Vol 20, #2:
Winter 1996-97

Ned Keller, "The Ohio Christmas Bird Counts, 1996-97"

Vol 20, #3:
Spring 1997

David Dister, "Shorebird Fallout at Grand Lake St Marys"
Kevin Metcalf, "Notes on Cleveland's Spring Jaegers"

Vol 20, #4:
Summer 1997

Dave Scott, "1997 Peregrine Falcon Report"
John Pogacnik, "Notes on State-listed and Rare Nesting Found Within the Lake County Metroparks in 1997"
Ned Keller, "The Ohio Christmas Bird Counts 1998-98"
(author?), "Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District 1997 Bird Survey Results"
Dwight Chasar, "Notes on Cerulean Warbler Nesting"

Vol 21, #1:
Fall 1997

Gladis Garver, "First Inland Nesting Attempt by the Great Egret"
Matthew Anderson, "A Second Ohio Record of Townsend's Warbler"
Tom Kemp, "Fall Golden Eagle Passage over Western Lucas County"

Vol 21, #2:
Winter 1997-98

Ed Pierce, "Oh, What a Month it was!"

Vol 21, #3:
Spring 1998

Overview and Reports only

Vol 21, #4:
Summer 1998

Overview and Reports only

Vol 22, #s 1&2:
Fall 98/Winter 1998-99

Donald Burton, "Weather-related Waterbird Groundings"
Jeff Grabmeier, "Birding Lake La Su An WA"
Frank Renfrow, "Another Look at the Birds of Hocking Hills"
Ned Keller, "The 1998-99 Christmas Bird Counts"

Vol 22, #3:
Spring 1999

Bill Whan, "Accidental Habitats, Benign Neglect: Shorebirds in Ohio"
Mark Skinner, "Nesting Success for Southern Ohio Loggerhead Shrikes"
Jeff Grabmeier, "Nesting Brown Creepers found in Williams County"
Hank Armstrong, "A Western Grebe at East Fork SP"

Vol 22, #4:
Summer 1999

Jim McCormac, "Ohio Grassland Breeding Bird Survey"
Frank Renfrow, "Red-breasted Nuthatches Nesting at Hocking Hills: The First Records for Southeastern Ohio"
Joseph W. Hammond "Summary of the 1999 Waterfowl Population"
Bill Whan, "Spring Shorebird Survey Results"
Bill Whan, short note, "Grassland Birds"

Vol 23, #1:
Autumn 1999

Jon L. Dunn, "Some Additional Thoughts on Dowitchers"
Heather Nagy, "Western Kingbirds on the Move"
Michael A. Patten, "A Bell's Vireo in Far Eastern Ohio, With a Summary of its Status in Eastern North America"
Bill Whan, "Book Review: Lou Campbell's The Marshes Of Southwestern Lake Erie"
Bill Whan, "Fall Shorebirds: Census Results from BSBO"

Vol 23, #2:
Winter 1999-00

Ned Keller, "The 1999-2000 Christmas Bird Counts"
Dave Dister, "Northern Gulls Invade Dayton"
Jared Mizanin, "New Ohio Record: Common Ground-Dove"
Mark Miller, short note, "Birders Needed for Volunteer Project"

Vol 23, #3:
Spring 2000

Mike Busam, "Stately Visitors...Common Ravens in Ohio: The Past, Present, and Future"
Ben Morrison, "Introducing Berlin Lake"
Jay G. Lehman, "Pomarine Jaeger at East Fork State Park" Bill Whan, "Book Review: When Passenger Pigeons Flew in the Killbuck Valley"

Vol 23, #4:
Summer 2000

Joe Hammond, "Eurasian Collared-Dove: The Next Ohio Species?"
Sean Zadar & Ted Gilliland, "The Breeding Birds of Sandy Ridge Reservation"
"The New AOU Changes: A Report" Ed.
David Nolin, "Nesting Red-breasted Nuthatches in a Dayton Suburb"
Rosalyn Rinehart & Mary Misplon, short note "Ohio's First White-winged Dove: Two accounts"
Jeff Hays & Cheryl Dykstra, short note, "Black-crowned Night-Herons on Mill Creek"
Paula Lozano, short note, "Black-crowned Night-Herons at Merwin Street"
"Index to The Ohio Cardinal", 1978-2000.

Vol 24, #1:
Autumn 2000

Bill Whan, "Did Trumpeter Swans Ever Breed in Ohio?"
Robert Royse, "Birding Scioto Trail State Forest"
Dan Best, short note, "The Geauga County Cranes"

Vol 24, #2:
Winter 2000-01

Mike Busam, "'The Possibilities are Bewildering': The
History and Mystery of the Cincinnati Warbler"
Frank Renfrow, short note, "A History of the Crow Roost at Cincinnati"
Tom Kemp, "All-Time High Ohio Christmas Bird Counts"
Ned Keller, "The 2000-2001 Christmas Bird Counts"
Pete Whan, short note, "Cedars and Waxwings"

Vol 24, #3:
Spring 2001

Rob Harlan, "Peterjohn's The Birds of Ohio, 2nd Edition"
David Dister, "A Review of B.G. Peterjohn's The Birds of Ohio (second Edn 2001), with emphasis on the Southwestern counties"
Jim McCormac, "Book Review: The Birds of Ohio, Second Edition, by Bruce G. Peterjohn"
Chris Bedel, short note, "The Roughest Ruffed Grouse"

Vol 24, #4:
Summer 2001

John Watts, "Confirmed Nesting of Hermit Thrush in Hocking County, OH"
Bill Whan, ed., "Early Works on Ohio Birds by J.P. Kirtland: Further Readings on the Birds of Ohio from Sixty or More Years Ago"
Mike Busam, short note: "Breeding Bobolinks and the Voice Of America Park in Butler County, OH"

Vol 25, #1:
Fall 2001

Jim McCormac, "Albinism in Birds"
John Pogacnik, "A Leucistic Rough-legged Hawk in Ohio"
Linda Gilbert, "The Surprise Nuthatch"
Ted Gilliland, "Pomarine Jaegers at Rocky River Park"
"North American Shorebird Population Estimates"
"Reports of Yesteryear: Lucas County"

Vol 25:
#2, Winter 2001-02

David Larson, "Radar Ornithology"
"A Wood Stork Record from 1966"
K. MacAulay, "Winter Surprise: A Jan. Baltimore Oriole"
"2002-2002 Christmas Bird Counts"

Vol 25, #3:
Spring 2002

Bill Whan, "Smith's Longspur in Ohio"
Casey Tucker, "Grassland Habitats at the Miami University Airport: A Brief History"
Jay M. Sheppard, "Notes on Finding Smith's Longspurs in Ohio"
Jeff McCoy, "Smith's Longspur: Occurrence in Indiana and Hints on Finding Them"
Steven Bailey, "The Smith's Longspur in Illinois"

Vol 25, #4:
Summer 2002

Frank Renfrow, "Hocking Hills 2000: A pine woods odyssey: Red-breasted Nuthatch fledging details and other records"
Ben Fambrough, "Media review: Flight Calls of Migratory Birds"
W. F. Henninger, "A disastrous trip"
Lynds Jones, "Five days among the islands of Lake Erie"
Ed, "AOU announces recent actions"

Vol 26, #1:
Fall 2002

J. McCormac & J. Hammond, "The Hummingbird Invasion of 2002: Issues of Identification"
Gregory Links, "Some Thoughts on Big Days"
Lana Hays, "Ohio's Second Record of Roseate Spoonbill"
Greg Miller, "Gannet Invasion in the Great Lakes: the Role of Storms"

Vol 26, #2:
Winter 2002-03

Leon Dawson, "Attention, Ohio Observers"
W. Moseley, "Occasional Abundance of birds on Lake Erie"
Doug Dunakin, "Thomas Wetlands in Paulding County"
Bill Whan, "Annals of Pelagic Birding in Ohio: Black-capped Petrel"

Vol 26 #3:
Spring 2003

Ben Winger, "Molt Strategies in Adult Dowitchers"
Lou Gardella, short note: "Wintering Merlins in Cuyahoga County"
Ed., "Fourteen years of shorebird surveys near western Lake Erie by Michael R. Bolton and John Szanto"

Vol 26, #4:
Summer 2003

Mike Busam, "Golden Eagles in Ohio: An overview of the species in Ohio and eastern North America"
Bill Whan, Testing field marks of adult dowitchers in Ohio; the testimony of specimens.
Ed., "AOU Announces Taxonomic Changes"

Vol 27, #1:
Fall 2003

Alan Wormington, "Early fall migration of Bonaparte's gull at Point Pelee"
Bill Whan, "Annals of pelagic birding in Ohio: Magnificent frigatebird"
Jim McCormac and Bill Whan, "Wishful Thinking? Speculations on the next additions to Ohio's list"
Kelly Sieg, short note, "Northern Saw-whet Owl banding in Ross County"

Vol 27, #2:
Winter 2003-04

Kevin E. Metcalf, "Can you hear prebasic molt?"
John D. Kraus, "Short Notes: My Summer Guest"
Lori Brumbaugh and Lou Gardella, "Short Notes: Monumental Merlins North and South"
Bill Whan, "Annals of pelagic birding in Ohio: Thick-billed murre"

Vol 27, #3:
Spring 2004

Ned Keller, "The 2003-04 Christmas Bird Counts"
David Styer, "Birds of Ohio: A Review"

Vol 27, #4:
Summer 2004

Craig Holt, "The Outer Limits: Fourteen Years of Conneaut Birding"
Sean T. Zadar, "A Golden-winged X Blue-winged Warbler Nest in Summit County"
Rick Nirschl, "A Possible Northern Parula X Cerulean Warbler Hybrid in Toledo, Ohio"
Charlie Bombaci, "Prothonotary Warblers at Hoover Reservoir"
Bill Whan, "Grouses and little gulls: An Editorial"

Vol 28, #1:
Autumn 2004

Bob Glotzinger, "Early Ohio Ornithologists: John Maynard Wheaton"
Bill Whan, "Fifty Years of Spring Migration in Lorain County: Lynds Jones's Notes, 1896-1945"
Lawrence Hicks, "Fourteen Years of Raptor Records in Ohio"
Christopher A. Distel, "Swimming in the Black-crowned Night-Heron"

Vol 28, #2:
Winter 2004-2005

Jeff Hays, "Short Note: A late date for chuck-will's-widow in Ohio"
Ned Keller, "The 2004-2005 Christmas Bird Counts"
Wendell L. Argabrite, Michael Griffith, Dr. Gary O. Rankin, Harry E. Slack, III, "Herring gulls breed successfully in southeastern Ohio"
Lynds Jones, "Licking Reservoir Trip"

Vol 28, #2:
Winter 2004-2005

Jeff Hays, "Short Note: A late date for chuck-will's-widow in Ohio"
Ned Keller, "The 2004-2005 Christmas Bird Counts"
Wendell L. Argabrite, Michael Griffith, Dr. Gary O. Rankin, Harry E. Slack, III, "Herring gulls breed successfully in southeastern Ohio"
Lynds Jones, "Licking Reservoir Trip"

Vol 28, #3:
Spring 2005

Bill Whan, "Book Review: Birds of the Cleveland Region"
Jared P. Kirtland, "A Perfect Revolution"
Tom Kemp, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"
Bob Powell, "The Cowan Lake Waterfowl Study"
Rick Nirschl, "Short Note: Possible Hybrid Warbler Back in Toledo"

Vol 28, #4:
Summer 2005

Donald Morse, "Sooty Tern: A Potential First Ohio Record"
Bill Whan, "How Common Are Long-eared Owls in Ohio?"
Lynds Jones, "Distribution and Ecology of Ohio Birds"
Kevin Metcalf, "Short Note: The Percentage of Adult American Herring Gulls in Cleveland having one vs. two Subapical Spots"
William Hull, "Short Note: Banded Henslow's Sparrow in Butler County"

Vol 29, #1:
Fall 2005

Tom Kemp, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"
Brian Zweibel, "Length of the Migration Stopover of the Buff-Breasted Sandpiper in Ohio"
Bob Lane, "Black-Billed Magpies in our Backyard"
William Hull, "Short Note: Shorebird Migration at a Temporary Scrape"
Gabe Hostetler, "A Green Violet-ear in Holmes County"
John Pogacnik, "First Documented Cave Swallow for Ohio"

Vol 29, #2:
Winter 2005-2006

Robert Foppe, "Short Note: Ohio's Black-capped Petrel Records"
Ned Keller, "The 2005-2006 Christmas Bird Count"
Dean Sheldon, "Historical Note: An Extraordinary Harris's Sparrow Record"
Mike Busam, "Short Note: Ohio's First confirmed Anna's Hummingbird"
Tom Kemp, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"
Mike Busam, "Book Review: Birds of Western Lake Erie"

Vol 29, #3:
Spring 2006

Scott Maruna, "Substantiating Audubon's Washington Eagle"
Bill Whan, "Recent rarities and first nesting records for Ohio"

Vol 29, #4:
Summer 2006

Benjamin E. Leese, "Historical Status of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Ohio"
Robert Foppe and Bill Whan, "An Ohio Bird Specimens Database"
Leslie Warren and Marcia Brehmer, "Short Note: Inland Nests of Great Egret"
Tom Kemp, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"

Vol 30, #1:
Fall 2006

Bill Whan, "Grand Lake Saint Marys: Introducing Some Fragments of its Ornithological History"
Charles Dury, "Contributions to the Ecology of St. Lake Marys, Ohio"
W.F. Henninger, "An Ornithological Reconnaissance of the Grand Reservoir, Ohio, in 1904"

Vol 30, #2:
Winter 2006-2007

Tom Kemp, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"
Ned Keller, "The 2006-2007 Christmas Bird Counts"
H. Thomas Bartlett, "Winter Birds of Kelleys Island 2006-2007"

Vol 30, #3:
Spring 2007

J.M. Wheaton, W.L. Dawson and Charles Dury, "The Passenger Pigeon: Contemporaneous Accounts by Three Ohio Ornithologists"
Bill Jones, "Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary: Transforming a Fish Farm into Habitat for Migrating Shorebirds"

Vol 30, #4:
Summer 2007

Kelly Williams-Sieg, "A Fall Migration Study of Northern Saw-whet Owls in Ross County, Ohio: Preliminary Results and Historical Perspective"
Jay Stenger, "The Camp Dennison Gravel Pits"

Vol 31, #1:
Fall 2007

Jay Stenger, "Birdin' the Pits"
Bill Whan, "Eurasian Collared-Doves in Ohio: The Background"
E.S. Thomas & Louis W. Campbell, "Migrant Birds Swarm at Little Cedar Point"
Bill Whan, "Rails in Pickaway County"

Vol 31, #2:
Winter 2007-2008

Ned Keller, "Christmas Bird Counts 2007-2008"
Tom Kemp, "Report of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"

Vol 31, #3:
Spring 2008

Jim McCormac and Aaron Boone, "The First Nesting Record of Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis) in Ohio"

Vol 31, #4:
Summer 2008

Edward O. Keller, "Recent Actions of the Ohio Bird Records Committee"
Mike Busam, "Book Review: Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America"

Vol 32, #1:
Fall 2008

Julie A. West and Nathan Beccue, "Yellow Warbler Nesting in Narrow-leaved Cattail"
John C. Barber and Margaret M. Barber, "Dark-eyed Junco Using Nest Box"

Vol 32, #2:
Winter 2008-2009

Jim McCormac, "Feature: White-winged Crossbill Extranaganza"
Dwight Chasar, "The Miracle of Richfield: Managing a Former Coliseum Site as a Grassland"
Ned Keller, "Christmas Bird Counts 2008-2009"

Vol 32, #3 & 4:
Spring & Summer 2009

Laura C. Gooch, "The Impact of West Nile Virus on Ohio Birds"